24 Hours to Live is an episode of Hey Arnold!.


This episode is a remake of the pilot episode, and the 3rd incarnation of the original 3D Comic "Arnold Narrowly Avoids A Thrashing".


"I'm Crazy" by Jim Lang00:50

"I'm Crazy" by Jim Lang

"I'm Crazy" by Jim Lang and sung by Kenny Ford, Jr.

After Arnold accidentally hits Harold in the face with a baseball, Helga persuades Harold to wait until the next day to fight him. Meanwhile, Helga constantly reminds Arnold of how long he has to live. Upon arriving at the fight, Arnold tells Harold that "I'm crazy, and you should never hit a crazy person." When Harold asks him to prove it, Arnold sings the song "I'm Crazy" while acting out the lyrics, and successfully dodges the beating.



  • Immediately after Harold is knocked out by the ball, Iggy briefly removes his glasses.
  • When Helga does her impression of Harold saying Arnold's name, one of her bottom teeth sticks out, just like Harold.
  • Grandpa says that he's at least 80 years old. In "Grandpa's Birthday" he turns 81.
  • There's a pay phone on the first floor of the boarding house, but a non-pay phone on the second floor and both are dial phones. Meanwhile, Arnold has his own touch-tone phone in his room.
  • The title is a reference of the 1931 film 24 Hours.
  • The song I'm Crazy is a reference to the music of James Brown. Throughout the series James Brown's song Get Up Offa That Thing is sampled and used in several episodes showing another connection with James Brown.
  • Harold shouts "It's Clobberin' Time!" This is a catchphrase used by the Thing from the Marvel Comics series, The Fantastic Four.


  • When Helga talks Harold into delaying the fight by a day, Nadine has brown hair.
  • Sheena is one of the people at the fight, but in the episode "School Play", Sheena says she doesn't like violence.
  • Joey has a line after Iggy hits him in their fight at the end, but nobody was credited for it.
  • Harold was not wearing socks when he realized Arnold really is crazy.
  • The baseball game was in the street despite renovating Gerald Field in the episode "The Vacant Lot".

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