6th Grade Girls is an episode of the Hey Arnold! TV series.


Arnold and Gerald get to know Connie and Maria, who are in the sixth grade, while they are at the community pool. So the girls invite them to a school dance. What the boys don't know yet is that Connie and Maria do this only to make their respective boyfriends, Burt and Tommy, jealous.

To impress the girls, Gerald gets an old case from the attic which is full of his father's fancy clothes from the '70s and a guidebook called Cool Moves Fo' Happenin' Dudes. He takes the suitcase to Arnold's house in order to practice dance moves and to put on a cool outfit.

On the night of the party Arnold and Gerald pick up the girls at Maria's house and go to the community center together. Arnold and Gerald are glad to see that the girls pay the cab driver. At the dance Arnold and Gerald start to show off their new dance moves very soon and get a lot of attention. Especially Burt and Tommy, who watch them disapprovingly.

When Connie and Maria go to the bathroom, the envious boyfriends grab Arnold and Gerald to beat them up. Just a moment before Arnold and Gerald get a black eye, the girls come back and save them. The girls explain to Arnold and Gerald that the only reason they had asked them to the dance was to make their boyfriends jealous.

Naturally our small heroes are disappointed, but they are cheered up a little again when they get a kiss from the girls in the end.



  • Guest voices include Mayim Bialik, who plays the title character in Blossom, as Maria, and Pamela Hayden, who voices Milhouse in The Simpsons, as Connie.
  • On the televised episode, there was no credit given for Melvin (the punch pourer at the dance), but there is a credit given for him in the Hey Arnold!: Love Stinks video tape.
  • This is one of the few episodes where Helga does not appear.


  • In the opening shot of the pool, the short diving board isn't there.
  • How did Maria and Connie figure out that Arnold and Gerald were fourth graders? Lucky guess?
  • The dials on the cab meter ran independently of each other; the fare went from 5.90 to 5.00 and from 5.40 to 6.50.
  • Maria's address is 394th Street #22, but the building isn't big enough to have 22 apartments (especially apartments with interior stairs).
  • While walking down the stairs, Maria only has three toes on each foot; she has four at the pool scene.
  • At the dance, an animation error makes it appear as though Maria is dancing on another girl's foot.

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