Thanks, Arnold. I really appreciate all that you've done for me. You know, except the part where you made me go blind.

(Arnold is carrying "blind" Helga across the street and a taxi cab is speeding towards them)


Arnold, look out for that cab!
(Arnold jumps and they land on the sidewalk)


Arnold, are we alive?


We're fine.


Whew. Good thing I saw — uh, I mean — smelled that cab coming.


You smelled the cab?


Yeah, you know how it is when you lose one of your senses. The others just kind of kick into overdrive. (sniffs Arnold) Speaking of which, you might want to try a stronger deodorant, football-head.


Oh, Happy Groundhog's Day, everybody. Yippee! I saw my shadow — and you know what that means!


We know, Pookie...

Grandpa and Arnold

Twelve more days of Christmas...


Um, fellas. Is it just me, or is the floor moving?

Helga (thinks when she dances with Arnold)

I'm actually dancing cheek-to-cheek with Arnold! He's holding me tight, his hair smells yummy... Oh, who am I kiddin': I love this guy! Maybe I should stop torturing him? Nah, this is way too much fun!

Arnold (thinking when he dances with Helga)

Oh, man, I really hate this!

Helga (thinking)

Oh, man, do I love this or what!


Gerald, I think, you're thinking what I'm thinking.
(Gerald whispers something in Arnold's ear)


That's even better than what I was thinking!


(When She arrives home) Mom I'm home, and I'm blind!

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