Arnie is a fictional character in the Hey Arnold! TV series.

Arnie is Arnold's cousin, but it's unknown which side of Arnold's family he's from. But, given the shape of his head and the fact that Phil says that Arnold is his and Gertie's only grandson, Arnie's most likely from Stella's side of the family.

Arnie's pretty weird; his hobbies include counting things, reading ingredients labels, plain-flavored gum and collecting lint, of all things. Lila has fallen in love with his "charms," as well as a girl named Hilda (who bears a striking resemblance to Helga) who appears in one of Arnold's dreams ("Arnold Visits Arnie").

His head's the opposite of Arnold's (flat on top, round on the bottom) and his hair's a lighter shade of blonde than Arnold's.



  • Even though there is already an Arnie, Jack Wittenberg calls Arnold Arnie as well. However, he most likely does not know of this Arnie.
  • According to an interview with Craig Bartlett, "Arnie was a joke about when we get really ugly animation back from the studio. We turned that into an episode."
  • It's possible that Arnie might have Autism, due to his odd behaviors, hobbies and tone of voice whenever he speaks.

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