Chapter book 7. Arnold's Christmas

Front cover

Arnold's Christmas is one of Hey Arnold! chapter books based on the episode with the same title. It was written by Craig Bartlett and Maggie Groening, based on a screenplay by Steve Viksten, Craig Bartlett, and Joe Ansolabehere, illustrated by Tim Parsons, with cover by Tuck Tucker, and Teale Wang.


This is an adaptation of the episode "Arnold's Christmas." A summary can be found here.

Differences from the episode

  • Mr. Hyunh mentions that he gave the soldier Mai's birth certificate, which makes her discovery more credible.
    • He does however mention that he has sought information from many government agencies over the years, which makes little sense when Helga and Mr. Bailey manage to locate her in one night.
  • Nancy Spumoni is described as a singer-turned-fashion-designer.

Back cover description

It's Secret Santa time and Arnold has picked Mr. Hyunh. But what does he give someone who always seems so sad? When Arnold discovers what would make Mr. Hyunh truly happy, he sets off to bring him a very special present. Will Arnold get it in time? Find out how the spirit of Christmas touches everyone—even the most unlikely people.

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