Arnold's Hat is an episode of Hey Arnold!.


Helga is determined to get Arnold's hat in order to complete a sculpture she's making of him (made out of his chewed gum). When Arnold won't go out of his room without his hat, Helga attempts to get it back.


Arnold is seen flying onto a kite in the sky when he hears a voice saying "Hey Arnold" continuously. It was all a dream, and Arnold wakes up to find that his alarm clock has went off. He turns off the alarm and hops out of bed. He takes a shower, gets dressed, and eats breakfast, which is pancakes his grandmother serves him. Arnold is later at the park with Gerald trying to give the kite they make some improvement to make it fly. As they walk away, Helga sneaks from behind and takes a wad of gum Arnold stuck under the bench earlier. Helga goes to her house and uses the chewing gum for the nose of her sculpture of Arnold inside her room. However, Helga feels that something is missing from the sculpture, which is Arnold's hat.

While Arnold and Gerald struggle to make the kite fly, Helga attempts to swipe Arnold's hat off of his head. She scales the roof and tries to get the hat with a fishing pole, but ends up catching a delivery truck instead, which drives and drags her across the roof until she crashes into a pigeon coop, where a pigeon relieves itself on her. Meanwhile, Arnold has finally got the kite to fly by tying a balloon to it. Suddenly, a gust of wind picks up, blowing the kite away, as well as Arnold's hat, which lands by Helga's feet, much to her delight. She takes the hat and runs home. She places the hat onto the sculpture head of Arnold and dances around with the head.

Meanwhile, Arnold, depressed over the loss of his own hat, walks home and mopes into his bedroom. He reminisces how his parents first gave him his hat when he was a toddler. He wakes up from his memory to hear Gerald calling his name. Outside, Gerald asks Arnold to come outside, for the Jolly Olly Man is giving away free ice cream to the children. But Arnold refuses, saying he is not going outside without his hat. Helga, who is one of the children accepting the ice cream, overhears this and runs home to her closet, only to discover that her sculpture of Arnold is missing. She lets out a loud scream and runs downstairs to ask her mother what happened to her sculpture. Miriam tells her that she threw it away and Helga now has to locate the city dump to retrieve the hat.

Meanwhile, Arnold is inside his bedroom moping until his grandfather Phil comes in and tells him that even though his hair fell out, he was the same person that he always was inside. As Phil leaves, Arnold thinks about what his grandfather says and finally regains his confidence.

While Helga finally finds Arnold's hat in the dump, Arnold meets Gerald outside and Arnold has finally gain resilience form his depression. Helga then runs into Arnold and Arnold gets his hat back. He hugs Helga out of gratitude and Helga gets a warm feeling, only to revert back to her rude self and demand Arnold to leave, which he complies to happily. As Arnold leaves, Helga says that she will never wash her clothes again. As the screen fades to black, a pigeon is heard relieving itself on Helga, to which she replies "Yuck!"



Hey Arnold! Season One Clip 202:09

Hey Arnold! Season One Clip 2


  • This is the first episode which features Arnold's parents. The other two episodes are "Parents Day" and "The Journal".
  • This episode aired one week after the premiere of Nickelodeon's of Hey Arnold! and the first Nicktoon of 1996 (though less successful than Hey Arnold!), KaBlam!.
  • This is the first appearance of the Jolly Olly Man.
  • First partial appearance of Miriam Pataki. She is only seen from the neck down and does not make a full appearance until Helga's Makeover.


  • When Arnold and Gerald are leaving the park, Arnold's kite doesn't have spatulas on it but after when he's sitting on the steps it does.
  • When Arnold starts walking down the sidewalk with his kite while claiming it would fly, it has a balloon tied onto it. However, when Helga spies on him from the top of a building, the balloon is gone.
  • At the last second after Helga says she'll never get Arnold's hat, she has no unibrow.
  • In Arnold's flashback of the day he got his hat, he appears to receive it in indoors in his crib. But in the episode "The Journal", he is given it by his parents outside. His parents also don't look or sound the way they do in "The Journal." However, this could be because, since Arnold was only a baby when he got his hat, he didn't remember where he got his hat or how his parents looked or sounded. This flashback may also have been Arnold simply imagining a scenario about how he received his hat, and not necessarily how it happened.
  • When Arnold's Grandpa is trying to comfort him for losing his hat, he tells the story of what he did to try and cover his balding head. After the story is finished, Arnold is seen wearing his hat and in the next shot he's not.

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