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Episode of Hey Arnold!
Arnold's Halloween
Arnold's Halloween
Season 2, Episode 40
Air date: October 27, 1997
Don Del Grande's

Arnold's Halloween is a special half-hour episode in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.


Arnold and Gerald play a Halloween prank on Grandpa by making him think aliens have landed in the city. However, the broadcast gets leaked and scares everybody in the city.


Talosians from Star Trek
HellerickAdded by Hellerick
  • This episode airs 59 years and 3 days to the day of Orson Welles' 1938 radio broadcast The War of the Worlds, on which this episode is based. His radio broadcast also sent many people into a panic.
  • A "Welles Bridge" is mentioned in the episode.  Obviously, it is a reference to Orson Welles, who's 1938 radio broadcast is parodied in this episode.
  • Maurice LaMarche, who voices Big Bob and Douglas Cain, voiced Orson Welles in The Critic episodes "Eyes on the Prize" and "Frankie and Ellie Get Lost."
  • The costume and makeup selected by the kids for their hoax is that of the Talosians from Star Trek: The Cage (#1.0) (1966).
  • The wheel on the show Big Bob was watching had spaces marked OOPS!, Bye-Bye, No Cigar, New Car, See Ya, Winner, Whole Enchilada, Sucker, Loser, Spin Again, and S.O.L.
  • Big Bob, when perusing the sports section of his newspaper, mentions "Green Bay.  This is probably reference to the Green Bay Packers football team.
  • All of the credits (except in the show's opening) were orange instead of yellow.
  • Just like "Arnold's Valentine", this episode aired 4 days before the actual day of Halloween on October 31st.
  • This is the only special half-hour episode of Hey Arnold! Season 2.

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