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Episode of Hey Arnold!
Arnold's Hat
Arnold's Hat
Season 1, Episode 03a
Air date: Monday, October 14, 1996
Don Del Grande's

Arnold's Hat is an episode in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.


Helga is determined to get Arnold's hat in order to complete a sculpture she's making of him (made out of his chewed gum). When Arnold won't go out of his room without his hat, Helga attempts to get it back.


  • This is the first episode which features Arnold's parents. The other two episodes are "Parents Day" and "The Journal".
  • This episode aired one week after the premiere of Nickelodeon's of Hey Arnold! and the first Nicktoon of 1996 (though less successful than Hey Arnold!), KaBlam!.
  • This is the first appearance of the Jolly Olly Man.


  • When Arnold and Gerald are leaving the park, Arnold's kite doesn't have spatulas on it but after when he's sitting on the steps it does.
  • When Arnold starts walking down the sidewalk with his kite while claiming it would fly, it has a balloon tied onto it. However, when Helga spies on him from the top of a building, the balloon is gone.
  • At the last second after Helga says she'll never get Arnold's hat, she has no unibrow.
  • In Arnold's flashback of the day he got his hat, he appears to receive it in indoors in his crib. But in the episode "The Journal", he is given it by his parents outside. His parents also don't look or sound the way they do in "The Journal." However, this could be because, since Arnold was only a baby when he got his hat, he didn't remember where he got his hat or how his parents looked or sounded. This flashback may also have been Arnold simply imagining a scenario about how he received his hat, and not necessarily how it happened.
  • When Arnold's Grandpa is trying to comfort him for losing his hat, he tells the story of what he did to try and cover his balding head. After the story is finished, Arnold is seen wearing his hat and in the next shot he's not.


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