Arnold Saves Sid is an episode of Hey Arnold!.


When Arnold stops a board from falling on Sid, Sid feels Arnold saved his life and becomes his slave as a way to thank him, and it drives Arnold crazy.




  • Despite Ms. Slovak leaving the show in Season 2, she appears in this episode, causing a continuity error. This is due to re-sequencing of episodes, causing deviation from production order. Either that, or her professional golf career didn't go exactly to plan.  It is also possible that, if aired after "New Teacher", she could be serving as a substitute teacher in this episode. Some people say that this episode should have been aired before "New Teacher".
  • Grandpa saying he and Jimmy Kafka never talked again until high school is impossible because in "Back to School", Grandpa only got his elementary school diploma.
  • In "Part Time Friends" Grandpa says he never met Jimmy again, but in this episode he says they met again in high school.
  • There is only a stop-request cord in the left side of the bus.
  • The second time Sid tells a kid to move so that Arnold can have a windows seat, you can clearly see an entire empty row right behind him.

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