Arnold Visits Arnie is an episode in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.


Arnold visits his cousin, Arnie, whose friends look remarkably familiar to Arnold's.


Helga is telling the rest of her friends which position to play for their next baseball game. Arnold arrives and tells his friends that he can't play baseball with them this weekend because he's supposed to visit his cousin Arnie. Lila considers Arnie to be much more attractive and interesting than Arnold, but Gerald states that the last time Arnie visited, everything was too weird and it just made people feel uncomfortable. Arnold tries to explains that Arnie isn't that bad but his friends remind him Arnie's odd traits and interests; such as collecting lint, counting food instead of eating it, reading labeled items, talking about gum and always snorting. Arnold claims that Arnie's last visit wasn't great but he knows that this time will be different and wishes them good luck for the game.

Later, Arnold meets up with Arnie at the bus stop, and Arnie takes him to his farm. He introduces him to his girlfriend Lulu (who is a doppelganger of Lila, who tries to flirt with Arnold by offering to meet him for a private swim, tickling his stomach, trying to kiss him, playing footsies with him, winking at him, and pretending to fall asleep on his lap.) Along the way, he meets some familiar people, who are like his friends with swapped personalities (such as Stumpy and Fifi, Gerard and Kid, and Harry and Rhoda).

Arnold, Arnie and Lulu decide to go to see Evil Twin 3 at the movie theatre. While outside the theatre, Arnold meets Hilda (who, while Arnold may not notice it, is very similar to Helga), he soon develops a crush on her. He invites Hilda to join them to watch the movie, and she accepts after seeing Arnie (and developing a crush on him). Inside the theatre, Arnold attempts to gain Hilda's affection, to little avail. After departing from the theatre, they take a hayride. Arnold once again tries to get Hilda's attention, but Hilda remains infatuated with Arnie. After the hayride, Arnold and Hilda are alone in a cornfield, and Arnold admits to Hilda, his affection towards her. Only to be disappointed and disheartened to discover that she is only interested in Arnie, not him.

Arnold then hears rustling in the corn, he discovers Arnie, who is jealous of Lulu's affection towards him, and attempts to engage in a fight with him, egged on by Arnie's friends. All of a sudden, Arnold wakes up, and that the whole adventure was just a dream. And the episode ends with Arnold joining his friends to play baseball.

Doppelgangers of Arnold's Friends

  • Lulu is Just like Lila, except for that she has an immense infatuation for Arnold.
  • Stumpy is the smart version of Stinky, who is known for being somewhat clueless.
  • Fifi is the dumb version of Phoebe, who is generally known for being very intelligent.
  • Gerard is the short haired, uncool version of Gerald who prides himself as being the definition of cool.
  • Kid is the cool version of Sid with the personality and facial features of Gerald.
  • Harry is the slim, tidy version of Harold, who is known for being overweight and sloppy.
  • Rhoda is the disgusting, unfashionable version on Rhonda, who is a rich self-proclaimed fashion queen.
  • Hilda is Helga, except without her callous disguise.
  • Abigail is Abner, only female and much bigger.



  • In "Weird Cousin" when Lila and Arnie are in the cinema we can see that they watched Evil Twin 2 and in "Arnold Visits Arnie" Lulu, Arnie, Arnold and Hilda watch Evil Twin 3.
  • Arnold's immediate attraction towards Hilda is one of the strongest pieces of evidence that point to Arnold having repressed feelings for Helga.
  • At the end of the episode, Harold shouts "Alright!" (possibly because he got a different baseball position than the one he got in the beginning of the episode)

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