Arnold as Cupid is an episode of Hey Arnold!.


After Oskar and Susie split up, Oskar lives with Arnold, and Arnold has to get them back together before Oskar drives him crazy.


Oskar and Suzie are arguing again. This time Suzie is fed up with it and throws Oskar out. He asks Ernie and Mr. Hyunh if he might stay at one of their rooms for the night but they tell him to leave. So he goes to Arnold's room asking Arnold if he can stay; because Arnold tells him that he doesn't like that idea, Oskar pretends to have fallen asleep in Arnold's bed.

The next morning Oskar surprises Arnold with bringing him breakfast to his bed (which he had taken away from Ernie). But then Arnold finds out that it is 10:30 already and that Oskar had turned off the alarm clock so it wouldn't wake him...After Arnold comes home from school, he is planning on studying for the rest of the day. But the he finds Oskar playing (or at least trying to) saxophone. After Arnold tells him to practice on another day, Oskar says Arnold should study on another day instead. The following day Arnold comes home after a bad test and again finds Oskar in his room. This time he is standing at his desk, messily cutting fruits and making smoothies. Later, 2 friends of his, Vic and Morrie, come over to play cards. Eventually Oskar loses all his money, so he bets Arnold's CD-player which he — of course — loses as well.

So Arnold has had enough: He is going to bringing Oskar and Suzie back together again in order to get his room back. First he tells Suzie that Oskar wants to invite her to a dinner on the roof under the starry sky. After hesitating a bit, Suzie agrees to meet him. Then Arnold manages to convince Oskar as well. At the dinner Oskar and Suzie start disputing again. During the dance Oskar steps onto the feet of his wife so often that she needs to cool them. After that Arnold is about to serve the dessert — two cherry tarts — but trips over Suzie's shoes and drops one tart into the tub in which Suzie is cooling her feet. Ignoring Arnold's advice to give the remaining tart to Suzie, Oskar eats it up all alone. So an enraged Suzie abandons him again. At this point, Arnold gives up and reprimands Oskar for his selfishness and departs, leaving Oskar to think about his actions.

In the morning Oskar explains to Arnold that he will move out of the boarding house. Suzie catches him right before leaves. She wants to give him some money so that he won't have to leave empty-handed. But surprisingly Oskar rejects her offer. Suzie is amazed that Oskar appears to have thought of someone else before himself for the first time in his life. She forgives him and Oskar moves back in.



Arnold as Cupid. The Sunset Arms Band

The Sunset Arms band

  • Mr. Hyunh lives in Room 3; Oskar and Suzie live in Room 5; Ernie lives in Room 7.
  • In the scene on the roof we can hear the musical band organized by Arnold. Grandpa is the conductor, Grandma plays piano, Gerald plays violin, Mr. Hyunh plays cello, and Ernie plays accordion.
  • Throughout the series, it appears that Mr Hyunh is very musically talented. Besides the cello, he plays the guitar and sings country in "Mr. Hyunh Goes Country" and also plays the trombone in the series finale, "The Journal".
  • Helga only appears in one scene; she is in her bedroom closet, which is dedicated to her Arnold shrine. She doesn't speak in this episode either.
  • Helga's cameo is a parody of the lamp scene from Fatal Attraction.


  • When Arnold gets his spare blanket from his closet, the closet door slides open, but when he's late for school the next day, the door is on hinges.

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