Ashley Buccille (born January 30, 1986) is an American former film and TV actress who provided the voice for Lila Sawyer, Lulu and Katrinka (uncredited). Some of her best known roles include Phenomenon as Glory Pennamin, Tumblweeds as Zoe Brussard, and Deal of a Lifetime as Ramona.

Voice Credits

Episode Credits
30b. Ms. Perfect Lila
55a. Arnold & Lila Lila
69a. It Girl Lila
62. Dinner for Four / Phoebe Skips Lila
67a. Helga's Parrot Lila
68a. Love and Cheese Lila
73a. Weird Cousin Lila
77a. Helga's Masquerade Lila
81b. Big Sis Lila
90a. Arnold Visits Arnie Lila / Lulu
96. Married Lila
97. Timberly Loves Arnold / Eugene, Eugene! Lila

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