Best Man is an episode of Hey Arnold!.


Coach Wittenberg wants to remarry Tish Wittenberg and asks Arnold to be his best man. The coach cares about winning almost as much as his wife, and Arnold teaches him that sometimes he has to make a few sacrifices.


  • We learn that Coach Wittenberg's first name is Jack.
  • Coach and Tish thumb-wrestle left-handed, and Tish plays air hockey left-handed.
  • Tish has a cousin named Connie. Whether or not this is the Connie from "6th Grade Girls" and "Phoebe Skips" is uncertain.
  • Jack and Tish had a similar situation to Arnold and Helga when they were children, although their childhood relationship was more competitive/sports-oriented.



  • In the episode "What's Opera, Arnold?" they sing "She's awfully sweet, such tiny feet" but in this episode Tish says Helga has big feet. It's possible that in the dream sequence of "What's Opera, Arnold?" Helga imagined herself with small feet.
  • The minister calls him "Coach" instead of Jack.
  • Despite the wedding being a big event, Coach and Tish's son Tucker isn't featured in the episode without a reason being given.
  • Technically, official air hockey rules do not allow players to lift their mallets off of the "rink," which Tish and Coach do several times.

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