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Episode of Hey Arnold!
Big Caesar, episode
Big Caesar
Season 2, Episode 31b
Air date: October 19, 1997
Don Del Grande's
Big Caesar is an episode in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.

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Arnold and Gerald try to catch Big Caesar, a prehistoric fish that is hard to believe even exists. Grandpa tells the boys about his attempt to catch Big Caesar and teaches them the ropes of fishing.


  • Layout designer Caesar Martinez was credited as "Big Caesar Martinez" because the fish itself is, in fact, a caricature of Caesar Martinez.
  • The Fishing Contest celebrates the clean-up of the City Lake.
  • This episode marks the first time Arnold is aware of the boarding house’s “Fishing Room”.
  • Phil tried to catch Big Caesar in the past, on an October morning.
  • According to Phil, he is 80 years old in this episode.
  • Phil owns an autographed photo of Austro-American starlet Hedy Lamarr.  As seen in the episode "Veterans Day", Phil has had this autographed photo since at least WWII.
  • This episode is similar to an episode of The Simpsons where Homer goes after a giant catfish. That episode was animated by Tuck Tucker.
  • When Arnold and Gerald come back to the docks, Helga remarks: "Why if it isn't the Skipper and Gilligan", a reference to Gilligan's Island
  • Phoebe makes a non-speaking cameo while her is name is being mentioned.
  • Helga's boat is named "Olga I." 
  • The pyramid hat that Stinky wears resembles the symbol of the Green Eyes.


  • The eyes of Big Caesar blink and move, but the eyes of a fish cannot actually do this in reality.

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