William "Billy" is a fictional character in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.

His only speaking role is as a member of the "Dork Parade" (along with Sheena and Brainy) at the start of "Eugene's Bike". He has an "albino worm" collection (which are presumably maggots), although every now and then one finds its way underneath squished on the bottom of Helga's shoes. He also had a cameo in "Mugged" where he got scared by Arnold.

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  •  It can be presumed that he would have been a recurring minor character who would have been alongside the main child cast and that his interest of insects would have been his main character trait, however the character was scrapped after appearing in only two episodes and his trait was later given to Nadine.
  • A minor misconception is that an uncredited person did the scream of Billy, however it was actually a scream sound effect from the Hanna Barbera Sound Effects library that was sped up.

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