Buses, Bikes, and Subways is an episode of the Hey Arnold! TV series.


Helga and Harold must return to town on their own after the bus leaves them behind after a school trip to a chocolate factory, and Helga has tickets for a wrestling match and she can't be late.


It all starts when the kids are on the bus going crazy especially Harold because they are going on the trip to a chocolate factory. Only Helga is not excited because she wanted to go to Wrestle Mania. At the factory, we see everybody looked excited and amazed, expect Helga who is bored and Harold went to the candy room to eat the candy.

Chocolate Boy sneaked to the factory and dived into a pool of chocolate. Mr. Simmons sees this, and decides to take Chocolate Boy and the rest of the class back to school. Helga's happy about this until she realizes Harold is not on the bus so she goes to the candy room and pulls Harold out of the room and realizes that the bus left without them. Harold gets scared but Helga thinks the bus will turn back for them (but it didn’t because the kids are singing a song on the bus). When Harold and Helga decide to go to the factory to make a phone call, the gates closes on them.

They see a pay phone and use Harold 50 cents. Helga tries to call Miriam but she was asleep. Next Harold tries to call his mother, but ends up calling the wrong number so Helga decides to walk to Wrestle Mania with Harold. Harold sees the subway but Helga points out that they don’t have any money so Harold try to sneak since "no one ever gets caught" but as Harold is stuck on the turnstile, He and Helga are almost get caught by a cop. They manage to get in the train. Helga thinks they should get off at Lexington but Harold said Lincoln because he took it with his dad once. They get off at Lincoln but Harold doesn’t remember where to go next which angers Helga.

Harold and Helga see a circus tent and a two seater bike. Harold wants to borrow it but Helga opposes the idea since it doesn’t belong to them but Harold talks her into borrowing it since He thinks the clowns won't notice it missing. seconds after Helga and Harold take the bike, the clowns and sideshow performers see them with their bike and get in their car. Meanwhile on the bus, Gerald notices Arnold isn’t singing and he tells Gerald that he feels like something is missing. Harold and Helga manage to make it to the city but it's only five miles away. Before Helga and Harold continued on, they see the clown car and run away in fear when the performers began to chase and fall into a lake.

While the clowns and sideshow performers are looking for them, they use bamboo sticks for air and when they are gone; they see Sheena's uncle Earl and get a ride from him. On the bus, Arnold realizes that they forgot Helga and Harold and told Mr. Simmons. On the boat, they are under a bridge and Harold pulled the cork which sinks the boat and they sink in the water. Earl floats away on a ring, while Helga pulled Harold to a log which she kicks to shore. At the factory, Arnold use Chocolate Boy's sense of smell to sniff the gates and smells Harold's chocolate and told it was an hour and 15 minutes ago and Mr. Simmons has to tell their parents what happened.

Under a dock, Harold thanks Helga for saving him but in anger, she pushes him off saying everything that happened was his fault. She reflects everything that happens with missing the bus, taking the wrong subway destination, absconding the bike, being chased by clowns, and pulling the plug out of the boat and calls him an idiot who can’t do anything right. This saddens Harold until he sees a reflection of the city. He drags Helga and go to a building and see that they are in Wrestle Mania since Harold's cousin is a security guard and lets him in all the time. In the Pataki's house, Miriam woke up with the sound of the door opening and sees Mr. Simmons. When he was about to tell her that Helga is missing, she gets a phone call from her saying she is at Wrestle Mania which makes Mr. Simmons faint. At Wrestle Mania, Helga apologizes to Harold for calling him an idiot but he forgives her and they both enjoy the wrestling match.