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Episode of Hey Arnold!
Career Day
Career Day
Season 3, Episode 49a
Written by: Jonathan Greenberg
Air date: October 21, 1998
Don Del Grande's

Career Day is an episode in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.


Arnold gets paired with the bitter Jolly Olly Man as part of Career Day.


It's Career Day at P.S. 118. and everyone seems to be getting paired up with somebody fun! Gerald is a firefighter, Helga is a cop, Phoebe is a construction worker, and Harold is a pilot! Well, everyone except Arnold who get's paired up with the Jolly Olly Man, who is "A stingy,mean spirited jerk who hates children and is constantly teetering on the brink of insanity." 

Arnold's Career Day is off to a terrible start. First the Jolly Olly Man makes him sit in the freezer, then he can't talk to costumers and now he can't even handle the money! Soon after, Willie's boss, who just so happens to be his dad, comes and says that if he doesn't sell his whole stock by 6:00 that he will lose his job. Arnold learns about Willie's perspective and how much he hates working everyday. Arnold agrees to help him sell his whole stock, but only if Willie gives him a passing grade.

Arnold teaches Willie to remember to treat his customers with respect, have a positive attitude, to keep his truck clean and neat, and that every customer matters.

Soon Arnold and Willie are down to half a freezer full! But they're not finished yet! Arnold has an idea to go back to the school and wait for all the other kids and their partners for Career Day. Sure enough everyone wants some ice-cream and they sell out their whole stock just in time! 

Willie keeps his job and gives Arnold a big fat F, for friendly! Arnold actually gets an A and learns that even the worst situations can turn out to be the best opportunities to help others.


  • Helga knows Jujitsu.
  • The Jolly Olly Man thinks Hillwood is “a spiritual desert devoid of beauty and love”.

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