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Arnold and his family

The Sunset Arms boarders and their families

  • Oskar Kokoshka, an immigrant from an Eastern European country (presumably Czechoslovakia). Unemployed and lazy, he eventually becomes a newspaper delivery boy. 
  • Suzie Kokoshka, Oskar's wife
    • Nancy and Baby Oskar, Suzie's cousins (Nancy did not reside in the Sunset Arms)
  • Ernie Potts, short demolition worker
  • Mr. Hyunh, an immigrant from Vietnam, working in a Mexican restaurant
    • Mai Hyunh, Mr. Hyunh's long lost daughter (never resided in Sunset Arms). Nobody knows what happened to Mai's mom.
  • Mr. Smith, mysterious person who never speaks to the rest of the boarders (in the first season only)
  • Lana Vail (in the first season only)
  • Mr. Purdy (in the first season only; voiced by Joseph Purdy himself)

For short time, the following people lived at the Sunset Arms: Gerald Johanssen ("Gerald Comes Over" episode), Rhonda Wellington Lloyd, Brooke Lloyd, Buckley Lloyd ("Rhonda Goes Broke" episode), Dino Spumoni and Don Reynolds ("Partners" episode).

Arnold's classmates and their families

  • Gerald Johanssen, The storyteller of the neighborhood. Arnold's true best friend.
    • Martin Johanssen, Jamie O, Gerald and Timberly's father, a cheap businessman.
    • Mrs. JohanssenJamie O, Gerald, and Timberly's mother, works as a cashier at the Corner Store.
    • Jamie O Johanssen, Gerald and Timberly's older brother; he loves to pick on Gerald.
    • Timberly Johanssen, Jamie O and Gerald's little sister; she can sometimes be an annoying crybaby.

Arnold and most of his friends/classmates.

  • Brainy, a geek, Helga's stalker
  • Nadine, young entomologist, Rhonda's best friend
  • Park, a Korean American boy in Arnold's class
  • Robert
  • Peapod Kid (He got his name from the fruit's downtown episode. He was a peapod in the play.)
  • Joey Stevenson

Grandpa Phil also was Arnold's classmate in "Back to School" episode.

Other students of PS 118 and their families

Workers of PS 118 and their families

Olga Pataki was Mr. Simmons's assistant in "Student Teacher" episode.

Other characters and their families


  • Abner, Arnold's pet pig. Was a gift from the Green-eyed People at Miles and Stella's wedding from a water basket. Phil first thought to cook Abner but Stella decided to keep the pig
  • Angel, Angel fish #2108 adopted by Eugene.
  • Big Caesar, the legendary giant fish that lives in City Pond
  • Chester, Arnold's carrier pigeon
  • Cupcake a.k.a. Thurston, stray kitten Harold was refusing to give back to its owner
  • Elbert, Eugene's imaginary pet hippo.
  • Henry, Eugene's pet fish killed by Arnold with a yo-yo
  • Glue Boy, racing mule bought by Ernie, Oskar, and Mr. Hyunh who thought that it was a horse Glue Boy's favorite song is "You Are My Sunshine".
  • Helga's parrot, who was bought by Big Bob, lived at Arnold's, and was eaten up by Phoebe's monitor lizard
  • Lock Jaw, an old, tired, graffiti-covered turtle that lived in the city Aquarium
  • Lurkey, Stinky's pet turkey, referred to as "Lurkey the Turkey", who came to an untimely fate when Stinky's family killed and ate him.
  • Pinky, Billy's pet worm
  • Pooter (1924-1927), a dog that Grandpa Phil and Aunt Mitzi had when they were young, and whose death caused them to refuse to speak to each other for 71 years.
  • Monitor lizard, Helga's unwelcome gift to Phoebe
  • Snappy, Stinky's turtle who was used for an April Fool's Day prank
  • Sidney, Sid's pet frog


Trivia and facts

  • Oskar Kokoschka is also the name of an Austrian painter.
  • Ludwig and Wolfgang are the names of the two "bullies" in the show. The names come directly from arguably the two most famous composers of all time — Ludwig van Beethoven and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
  • Gerald's last name is spelled "Johanssen", "Johanson", and "Johansson" in the show. Phoebe's and Stinky's last names have two variants: "Heyerdahl" / "Hyerdahl" and "Peterson" / "Petersen" respectively. Suzie Kokoshka's first name was also spelled "Susie", and Timberly's as "Timberley".
  • Fuzzy Slippers, Gerald's mysterious informant, never was seen in the show.

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