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Character on Hey Arnold!
OccupationHigh-School Student
Best friendsPatrice
RelationshipsJamie O (ended)
Voiced byCandi Milo

Cherice is a fictional character in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.


Cherice is the girl Jamie O fell in love with, and who used him. As a result of his crush on her, he started to act nice to Arnold and Gerald. However when they went to Joe's for lunch,coincidentally she was there too, sitting nearby and they overheard her and her friend Patrice talking saying that she's just using Jamie O and he's pathetic. At first Gerald thought he shouldn't tell Jamie O since he'd have to go back to a life of torture. But after Jamie O was a total wreck so he told him. Jamie O didn't believe Gerald so went over to her place and heard her saying things about him so he stormed off. Its unknown what Cherice did about Jamie O dumping her after.

Cherice is one of many characters in the series without a known last name.

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