Coach Wittenberg is an episode of Hey Arnold!.


Arnold and his bowling team, Gerald, Harold, Eugene, and Rhonda, are thinking about entering the bowling tournament and look for a coach. Then Arnold and Gerald find Coach Wittenberg working as a cleaner in the bowling alley restroom. Now it's up to Arnold to teach Wittenberg how to coach them like a team since all he did was yell at them and always asked them to do push ups.



  • When Coach Wittenberg makes the team do pushups, they are doing "girl pushups," in which the knees are on the ground.
  • Eugene likes strained beats.
  • Jack and Tish Wittenberg have their own cars.
  • When Rhonda puts a bowling ball, a gold ring is seen on her right finger during its close-up.
  • Craig Bartlett gave Olivia Hack an animation cel from this episode for one of her birthdays.
  • Tish and Helga's team "Helga's Angels" is a parody of Hell's Angels, an infamous biker gang.


  • Arnold reminds Coach Wittenberg that he coached their basketball team at the "YMAA," but in that episode the arena said "YMMA."
  • Arnold getting 1 bowling pin started off with 11 bowling pins.
  • Helga's sleeves were white when Coach Wittenberg said it isn't over.
  • In one of the early scenes when Coach Wittenberg is inspecting each player, Eugene is called to demonstrate his bowling ability. As he approaches the ball return Eugene is wearing his normal attire, but when he is shown throwing the ball moments later, he's wearing a bowling uniform. The next time we see Eugene in this scene (about six seconds later), he's wearing his normal clothes again.
  • Rhonda's nail smoother is red and then turns gray.
  • Rhonda's uniform is the color of Helga's Angels the last time she's going up.
  • While Rhonda is up and Arnold is talking to Coach Wittenberg, Rhonda is in the background.
  • When Coach Wittenberg learns what's important, Rhonda's pants turn from black to blue.
  • Helga's uniform is the same color as the Zephyrs the first time they show her after Eugene just rolled the ball.
  • The kids didn't make any bowling shots but the score went all the way from 435-421 to 502-493 before Eugene's shot.
  • Eugene switched from his bowling uniform to his normal clothes before Coach Wittenberg reminded him about strained beets to make his spare.
  • The score is 502-501, but after Eugene makes the spare it is 582-583.
  • At the end of the game, after Arnold yells "Three cheers for Coach Wittenberg," the team cheers four times.

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