Cool Party is an episode of Hey Arnold!.


Rhonda has a party and only invites the cool kids. Arnold attends, but realizes her party is only for snobs.


Rhonda holds a party for only cool kids, and Arnold's invited---but almost every other kid is on a geek list, which upsets them. Feeling bad, Arnold considers not going, but everyone tells him he should go anyway.

After going to Rhonda's cool party, Arnold shortly leaves because all they do there is listen to Rhonda's stories. After leaving, he's placed on the geek list. Arnold decides to hang with the rest of the kids and sees them throwing rocks at a dumpster can. Arnold explains that the party was really lame, but the other kids are still mad at Rhonda for not inviting them to her party, and come up with ways of ruining it to get back at her---Curly even suggests painting themselves in tiger stripes and freeing all the animals from the local zoo. Helga says yes to get rid of Curly.

However, Arnold decides to hold a "geek party" on the roof of the Sunset Arms boarding house. When people start hearing about Arnold's party and how much more fun it is, people end up leaving Rhonda's "cool party" (and the cool list) to be at Arnold's geek party---and Rhonda puts them on the "geek list." Arnold's party proves so much more popular than Rhonda's that even the older kids of their school and neighborhood, including 5th grade bullies Wolfgang and Edmund, 6th grade popular girls Connie and Maria, and even Stoop Kid decide to attend. Eventually, even Rhonda's best friend, Nadine, leaves the party for Arnold's party, and Rhonda ends up putting her on the geek list. Before she leaves, Nadine tells Rhonda that the party was pretty lame, and also points out that since Rhonda crossed everyone off the cool list and put them on the geek list, Rhonda's not just the only "cool kid" left at the party, she's the only person left at the party.

After Nadine leaves, Rhonda realizes that her party was pretty lame, and eventually goes to Arnold's geek party. Rhonda proclaims that she wants to be a geek, but only for tonight. At the closing of the episode, it is revealed that Curly actually did free zoo animals, as we see him on a giraffe (where he painted himself orange with black stripes like a tiger) and followed by a pair of zebras running on the streets outside of Arnold's house.


This is the 100th eleven-minute episode of Hey Arnold!, and was made as a "reunion" show featuring all the kid actors who worked on the series.[1] Also; according to Craig Bartlett, the scene where Arnold shows Rhonda that he's wearing a plaid shirt, not a skirt, was a reference to the fans mistaking Arnold's shirt as a skirt.



  • In the episode "Hey Harold!", Rhonda's invitation referred to herself as "Ms. Rhonda Lloyd"; these say "Miss Rhonda Wellington Lloyd".
  • Curly’s dad cuts his hair with a bowl.
  • Rhonda says "You're a bold kid" to Arnold, which is Gerald's line.
  • On the list, the "i" in Nadine's name is dotted with a heart, and Connie's with a flower, but the other I's (Maria, Katrinka, Stinky, Sid) are dotted normally.
  • On the right hand corner of the list next to the title "Geek," there is a small caricature of Gerald.
  • Rhonda apparently has relatives in England---in this episode, she mentions having a second cousin (the child of either her mom or dad's first cousin) in England.
  • When Rhonda is mocking the "Geeks" at her party, she says of Stinky, "Where did he learn English, Green Acres?". Green Acres was actually a sitcom that ran from 1965-71, centered on a New York City attorney and his wife adjusting to life in the country.
  • This is the first time Peapod Kid is mentioned by his "name".
  • Some people are not listed on either list at all. These people include: Helga, Brainy, Phoebe, Park, Lila, and Curly.
  • There is a Hey Arnold! Nicksclusive that shows the actors voicing the part of this episode when Eugene says "none of us bite off chicken heads, well, except Curly" and Curly says "and that was just the one time!". It shows Craig Bartlett saying these two lines as well, trying to help Adam Wylie and Ben Diskin do their lines correctly.
  • Rhonda makes a "cool kids only" party and excludes all geeks from attenting this party. This completely goes against Rhonda's lesson she learned in "Rhonda's Glasses" where she learned to accept nerds and understand them as people after living the life of one herself briefly.
  • Despite what Craig said in an interview (that all of the child cast members reprised their roles), several cast members didn't return despite their characters appearing (these include Victor Samuel LopezJoey Stinson, Joseph Ashton and several others).


Rhonda Wants to be a Geek Hey Arnold! The Splat01:15

Rhonda Wants to be a Geek Hey Arnold! The Splat


  • Park got an invitation, even though he wasn't on the cool list; also, Helga, Phoebe, Brainy, and Curly weren't on the geek list.
  • Peapod Kid, Sheena, and Brainy went uncredited in this episode, although the actors involved had other credited roles. One of them, Anndi McAfee, voiced one of the older girls leaving the party from Rhonda's house, despite that fact that she was only credited as Phoebe.
  • When Curly suggests they free the animals at the zoo the background changes to the school playground when they show Stinky, Harold and Eugene. (Those shots of Stinky, Harold and Eugene are actually frames from earlier in the episode)
  • Maria and Connie are sixth graders; why were they invited to Rhonda's party?
    • On that note, the Maria and Connie at Rhonda's party are not the same Connie and Maria from "6th Grade Girls" and "Phoebe Skips", although the latter pair do show up at Arnold's geek party.'
  • The sounds the zebras make at the end are actually horse sounds.
  • Lorenzo mysteriously disappears from Rhonda's party and doesn't appear at the "geek party".

Rhonda's Cool and Geek list

Cool Party, Cool and Geek list



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