Then later in class, Harold answered the bonus question that I was about to answer. Harold stole the question from me! Another injustice.


No fair! He let me answer that question!

Mr. Simmons

Curly, you let Harold answer that question.

(Behind the lockers)


I think Curly's finally snapped.


No kidding.
(In the bathroom)


You guys, Curly's snapped. He's throwing kickballs at Principal Wartz. My kickballs!
(In the halls)


Hahaha. It's finally happened. Our demented Curly has gone over the edge.
(In the halls)

Peapod Kid

Curly? Snapped? How terrible. Terribly sad.
(In the library)

Campfire Lass

There's a grand brouhaha outside Principal Wartz's office. LET'S GO!

Curly (throwing a ball at Mr. Simmons)

Save your new ageisms for the saps, Granola Boy!


Here's Curly!

Principal Wartz (To Curly)

Okay, what are your demands?


My demands? I, I want two Yahoo sodas and, and a meatball sub!

Principal Wartz (To Mr Simmons)

Kids playing Hardball!


What happened?


Any Bloodshed?

Mr Simmons

Absolutely not! We resolved this in a peaceful mannor.

Principal Wartz

Alright son, come with me!


Hey! I thought we've worked it all out! Remember Principal Wartz, sensativity!

Principal Wartz

Hah! I'll give you sensativity, i'll give you a weeks worth of sensativity everyday after school!


I opened the front door to PS 118, and everyone walked in past me just assuming I was the doorman.


Well, he was just standing there, so, I went in.

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