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Episode of Hey Arnold!
Deconstructing Arnold
Deconstructing Arnold
Season 4, Episode 69b
Written by: Michelle Lamoreaux
Air date: September 18, 1999
Don Del Grande's

Deconstructing Arnold is an episode in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.


While Arnold is on the bus, Sid is prank calling on Lorenzo's phone, which he stole while Lorenzo is on vacation, and the others giggle. When Arnold calls him out on this, Helga tells him to mind his own business. Rhonda writes a fake secret admirer love letter to Curly, hoping it will get him off her back for good, and again Helga tells Arnold to mind his own business when he tries to talk Rhonda out of it. Finally, Stinky and Harold tamper with Eugene's bike, which Arnold suggests against as well, and yet again Helga tells Arnold to mind his own business with almost everyone agreeing with her. So Arnold decides to stop his reputation of giving advice.

Unfortunately, all of the kids' pranks backfire horribly: Eugene's bike doesn't fall apart as planned and he crashes through a fence across the street which causes a few of the neighborhood dogs to maul him, leaving him seriously injured and Harold and Stinky racked with agonizing guilt; Curly finds out that Rhonda wrote the love letter because Rhonda used the same pen on a history essay as she used for the letter, causing him to fall in love with her even more; furthermore, a kid throws a paper airplane at Sid, causing him to drop Lorenzo's phone and break it. When everyone wants advice, Arnold refuses to help, so Helga takes it upon herself to fix their problems.

However, her advice just makes their problems worse: when Sid arrives at Lorenzo's locker to put the phone back per Helga's instruction, Lorenzo, back early from vacation, appears right behind him, and becomes extremely angry to the point of wanting to kill Sid upon seeing his phone broken; what Helga tells Rhonda to say to Curly just makes him say "give daddy some sugar!" and kiss her; Helga told Stinky and Harold to blame the bike on someone else, but Stinky and Harold blamed it on each other and accidentally pushed Eugene's wheelchair down the stairs, injuring him further. The kids are all then left furious at Helga for her horrible advice.

Helga then feels unbearably guilty for causing Arnold to stop giving advice. She then persuades Arnold to resume giving out advice, which he agrees to do. First, he tells Sid to start by apologizing to Lorenzo for stealing his phone in the first place; he tells Rhonda to explain her situation with Curly; and he tells Stinky and Harold to ask for forgiveness from Eugene (if he can still hear them at least, since he's now in a full body cast).



  • Curly is voiced by Haley Joel Osment (best known for his roles in The Sixth Sense and A.I. Artificial Intelligence), instead of Adam Wylie, for this episode only.
  • In reality, tampering with someone's bike is a felony, yet Stinky and Harold merely got off by apologizing.
  • In this episode, Harold says that "If she wasn't a girl I'd pound her." In the episode "Helga's Show" Harold threatened to pound her despite her gender.
  • The title could be a reference to the Woody Allen comedy Deconstructing Harry.
  • Kibitzer is a non-participant person, offering (often unwanted) advice or commentary.


  • When Eugene first walks to his bike, Sid has a full head of hair, but when Eugene gets on, Sid's hair is stringy.

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