Dino Checks Out is a special half-hour episode in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.


Dino Spumoni fakes his own death to increase his record sales, but when someone else makes it big off of Dino's songs, he realizes that his life isn't over yet.


  • A running gag in this episode occurs when Jimmy asks "Can we go now?", and Candy Maldonado screeches "IN A MINUTE!".
  • This marks one of the few episodes in which a character other than Helga uses the word "Crap", the character being Dino.
  • It is hinted that Arnold is still being begged for forgiveness by Iggy since the events of "Arnold Betrays Iggy" when Arnold thinks Iggy is in the trashcan when it is really Dino hiding in there.
  • Dino's plan to fake his own death may be a reference to the Julia Roberts movie Sleeping with the Enemy (1991), in which the heroine fakes her death in an identical manner: both jump overboard while out sailing, causing everyone to assume they drowned because they can't swim—but unbeknownst to everyone, they've been taking swimming lessons secretly for weeks.
  • Dino is shown standing on a box of Cham, a meat product introduced in "Veterans Day."
  • This is the last episode to air in 1999.
  • In an unusual move for a childrens' cartoon show, actual celebrities are mentioned in the news report, including Jerry Lewis, Dean Martin, the Rat Pack, Run DMC, Guns & Roses, and Tiffany. One of the Dino albums, Dino's Groovin' One Man Band, relates to the Beatles' album: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.
  • This is the second half hour episode to not play special music in credits. 
  • On iTunes, this episode is called "Dino Disappears".


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