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Character on Hey Arnold!
Dr. Bliss
OccupationChild Psychologist
FamilyFather (unnamed)
Mother (unnamed)
Older Sister (unnamed)
Best friendsHelga
Voiced byKathy Baker

Dr. Bliss is a fictional character in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.


Hey Arnold!

Dr. Bliss is a child psychologist who visits P.S. 118 to choose a patient for her work. She ends up choosing Helga because she stood out among the other students.

Dr. Bliss seems to be an astute psychologist, able to detect Helga's various tricks and going along with them (even letting Helga take over the session for a while and talk about Bliss' childhood instead). She was also able to get Helga to confess about her crush on Arnold by the end of the session, and Helga agreed to come back for more.

Dr. Bliss also made a brief appearance in the movie, but didn't have a speaking role or a story arc.

The Patakis

It has been suggested that she would have continued to be a character in the proposed TV series The Patakis had it been picked up, implying that Helga would still be having sessions with her after several years.

Given the dark nature of the planned series, Dr. Bliss may have dug a bit further into Helga's psyche if the session were featured in the show.

Appears in

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