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Episode of Hey Arnold!
Eating Contest
Eating Contest
Season 2, Episode 38a
Air date: December 7, 1997
Don Del Grande's

Eating Contest is an episode in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.


Once again it is time for the annual eating contest! Arnold doesn't really intend on participating but Grandpa explains to him that it is a question of honor and tradition. And until now every member of the family has won in an eating contest. Even after Grandpa has told him the story how he won the contest in 1929, Arnold is not convinced. But Grandpa leaves him no choice, having taken bets on Arnold from the whole city already.

The next day in school during lunchtime,Gerald talks about entering the eating contest, but Helga says that Arnold, Gerald, Harold, and Stinky will have no chance of winning anyway because of a boy from P.S. 119 who can eat anything. Arnold, Gerald, Harold and Stinky decide to check that out for themselves — and they find Seymour, the Disposal! Through the window of an ice cream parlor the boys can see why Seymour has gotten that nickname. Arnold decides to tell Grandpa that he won't participate, but when he enters the room and hears him say in his sleep that it is his greatest wish to see Arnold win, Arnold changes his opinion and decides to enter the contest — good thing that he does not know that Grandpa only pretended to be asleep...

The next morning Arnold's training begins. He learns to eat large amounts with the right speed etc.

Eventually the big day has come and in preparation Grampa has forbid Arnold from eating anything until the contest. Grandpa is shocked when he sees the Disposal for the first time tilting back meatballs on a tray into his mouth and recommends Arnold to give up, but Arnold is determined to win. The contest starts with tacos. Harold eats too fast and can't even eat a third taco from El Patio. Grandma's bell peppers are too much for Stinky. The Souflaki coming from Gino's Souflaki Stand is all Sid can't eat. Brainy quits when Mrs. Johanssen's Special Caesar salad is served. When Curly falls off his chair because of Mr. Green's Garlic Kielbasa rolled in curry only Arnold and Seymour remain. Then the last course is served: Ice cream from the Jolly Olly Man. Arnold is on the verge of giving up but suddenly Seymour, who had already eaten a lot before the contest, even stops eating and collapses — and with one final bite, Arnold wins the eating contest.


  • Up until now, the voice of Gerald was credited as "Jamil W. Smith"; in this episode, it's "Jamil Smith".


  • Helga is nowhere to be seen at the contest before she makes her comment about Grandma's peppers, and then she disappears again.
  • Harold flees from the contest tent, characteristically crying for his mother, but both of his parents are seated in the audience.
  • At the Block Party Food Festival, Katrinka was putting ketchup on her hotdog out of a yellow bottle, but a yellow bottle is for mustard.
  • Sid had no hair in the gap of his hat when he was wearing boxing gloves.
  • When Grandpa saw Seymour eating before the contest, Seymour's color was different
  • In one shot, Joey is seen where Harold eats but in the next shot of Stinky he is seen again .

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