(the Eating Contest begins serving tacos from El Patio. Harold crams one taco down)


I love this contest........I love eating........... (crams another taco down and he stops) Wait........I think I ate too fast.........oh, belly hurts. AAAAAAAAAAAH! Mommy! (Harold runs off)


He only took two bites.

(after Stinky passes out from taking a huge bit of Grandma's Stuffed Bell Peppers)


What did your grandma stuffed these with, football head? Socks?


Hey! HEY! That recipe was a secret!

(the final stage of the contest begins where Seymour and Arnold have to eat the Jolly Olly Man's Ice Cream Mountain. Seymour chows down while Arnold stares sickly with a full stomach)


I know you can do it, Arnold!


I've reached the end, Grandpa. I have limits. I'm only 9.


9 year old's love cake. Arnold! Remember family, tradition and 50 bucks I got ridin' on this thing.

(to Seymour who's still eating the mountain)


Wow. I can't beat that. You really are the Disposal. How ya feeling?


(burps and then continues eating)


Think he's feelin pretty good.

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