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Episode of Hey Arnold!
Egg Story
Egg Story
Season 4, Episode 72b
Written by: Celia Bonaduce, Michelle Lamoreaux, & Steve Viksten
Air date: September 11, 1999
IMDb •
Don Del Grande's

Egg Story is an episode in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.


Arnold and Helga get teamed up in Mr. Simmons's class project to take care of an egg for a weekend. Helga tries to show her nice side, but Arnold, assuming that she's going to start picking on him, lays down the law before she gets a chance.


  • The episode is also called "The Egg" on television listings.
  • When Harold almost told what happened with him and Rhonda during the cheese festival, Rhonda told him never to mention that night ever again.
  • Arnold's behavior in this episode is rather peculiar; he seems to have a very negative opinion of Helga (despite her not picking on him at the beginning of the episode) and bluntly says he would rather be paired with anyone else on the planet, when it's been previously shown that he believes Helga's not as bad as she looks.


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