Elk Island

Elk Island

Old map. Elk Isle

Elk Island on an old map

Elk Island. Old lithograph

Elk Island on an old lithograph

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The Elk Island Times

Skagit Island

Skagit Island

Elk Island is a secluded isle in the middle of the Skookumchuck River.

The transportation between the island and the mainland is carried out by Sheena's uncle Earl, a boatman.

In the past, a dispute over the island between the Revolutionary and the British armies erupted into a so-called “Pig War.”

Places of interest:

  • A cave that is said to be haunted by Wheezin' Ed, who buried his treasure there. The cave was also used by Vic and Morrie when they were making counterfeit pennies.
  • The home of Agatha Caulfield, a famous children's writer who does not like visitors.
  • Replica of the British Fort Porcero, used for the annual Pig War to commemorate the conflict with the British.

There was a newspaper, The Elk Island Times, named after the island.

Elk Island is most likely based on real-life Skagit Island, which is seen from Snee-Oosh beach (to the north from Seattle).

Elk Island, according to Gerald in the episode "Wheezin' Ed", is located on the Skookumchuck River. Skookumchuck is a word in the Chinook Jargon (from Skookum = "strong" and chuck = "water") meaning "rapids" or "whitewater". It can mean any rapids, but in coastal usage refers to the powerful tidal rapids at the mouths of most of the major coastal inlets.