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Episode of Hey Arnold!
Ernie in Love
Ernie in Love
Season 5, Episode 89b
Written by: Steve Viksten
Air date: April 26, 2000
Don Del Grande's

Ernie in Love is an episode in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.


Ernie meets a tall and lovely woman named Lola, and falls madly in love with her. He doesn't want to talk to her because he's afraid she'll reject him for being short, so he "admires her from afar". He says her name in his sleep, made a statue of her, and wrote a million love poems. Arnold convinces Ernie to get the courage to talk to Lola. He does and he goes on a date with her, but she rejects his invitation to go on another date with him because he's short. Heartbroken and disappointed, he stands up to her and says he's a big man in the heart and that should count. The next day, she apologizes and Ernie accepts her again and they go out again.


  • This episode only features 3 speaking characters.
  • Lola wears different dresses throughout the episode.


  • When Ernie reads aloud the poem he is writing, it can be seen that he misspells the Spanish word "hola" as "ola."

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