Arnold opens the bathroom stall and he and Eugene enter it with Henry’s deceased body in his goldfish bowl.

Arnold: “You gotta do it, Eugene, it’s time.”

Eugene walks around over to the toilet.

Eugene carefully dumps Henry’s deceased body right into the toilet.

Eugene: [Devastatingly] “Goodbye, Henry.”

Eugene tries to flush Henry’s deceased body down the toilet, but he refuses to do it.

Eugene: [Tearfully] “Oh, I can’t do it, Arnold, [Weeps Silently] I had Henry since he was a little baby goldfish.”

Arnold: “Okay, I’ll flush it for you, here.”

Arnold almost flushes Henry’s deceased body down the toilet, but Eugene stops him.

Eugene: [Tearfully] “Wait!”

Arnold: “You really loved him, huh?”

Eugene: [Tearfully] “Yeah.”

Arnold: “What if we bury Henry someplace we can always go visit him? that’d be better, wouldn’t it?”

Arnold and Eugene walk around outta the men’s restroom with Henry’s deceased body.


[Crows Squawking]

[Light Gray Kitty Cat Meowing]

[Church Bell Tolling In Background]

Harold: “There’s gonna be food at the house there, right? there better be a potluck after this thing.”

Arnold: “Shhh.”

Arnold: “Okay, go ahead and put him in.”

Eugene: “Um, aren’t we gonna say something about Henry 1st?”

Gerald: “Like what?”

Phoebe: “Well, it’s customary at funerals to give a eulogy for the deceased person or creature.”

Helga: “Alright, since I’m obviously the most experienced public speaker of any 1 here………”

Eugene: “Um, I prefer if it wasn’t you, Helga, no offense, but I’m not sure you really well appreciated Henry.”

Helga: “I appreciated him just fine, you pathetic little………(Arnold elbows her hard in the right shoulder) ow!”

Eugene: “Gerald should do it.”

All 5 PS 118 4th grade students: “Yeah, yeah, Gerald, Gerald’s our right hand man.”

Gerald stands right on Henry’s tomb tire.

[Gerald Clears His Throat]

Gerald: “Arnold………..”

[Arnold Playing Silver Harmonica]

Gerald: “Henry wasn’t the biggest of the best lookin’ goldfish, so no 1 came to buy him for a long time, he thought he’d never find a home, then 1 day, a lonely boy came into the pet store, he was kind of a geek, really, but he needed a pet and he wanted Henry and that was the start of a beautiful friend, Henry was a simple fish, he didn’t ask for much, a few flakes of fish food, his little plastic castle, that little guy with the mask, even though that didn’t turn out so good, but these were the things he loved and swimming, oh, yes, swimming with the big thing with him, right up to the end, when he was struck down in a bizarre twist of fate by a runaway yo-yo, and so we say, ‘Goodbye’, Henry, you were a good pet fish to the end.”

[Light Gray Kitty Cat Yowling]

The light gray kitty cat jumps right into Henry’s tomb pit and takes away Henry’s deceased body now wrapped in tissue paper.

Eugene: “Henry!”

[Light Gray Kitty Cat Yowling Again]