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Lila's audition


It's not easy being perfect
It's not easy being sweet
To be constantly amusing
And have dainty size 6 feet
I'm Little Miss Perfect, or so people say
Nonetheless, I must confess
That it's hard being me
And in spite of what you see
I'm perfectly sad today

Eugene, Eugene!

Eugene! Eugene!
Eugene! Eugene!
Who's the pluckiest, life is suckiest
Gosh darn unluckiest, watch out for that truckiest
Fellow you've ever seen?
Eugene! Eungene!
Who's the jolliest, trip and falliest
By gosh, by golliest, watch out for that trolleyest
Fellow who's ever been?
Eugene! Eugene!
Eugene! Eugene Eugene!

When Life Gives You Lemons, Dance!



When life gives you lemons, dance!
Dance like there's a muskrat in your pants
When your toes are tappin'
Nothin' bad can happen
When life gives you lemons, dance!
When life lays a lemon on your plate,
Kick up your heels and celebrate
When you're caught in a downpour
With nothing to live for
Strike your most spirited stance...
And dance! Dance!! Dance!!!

Nice Guys Finish Last

Nice guys finish last
Bad guys have a blast
Take his money — grab his honey
Dump that loser fast
Who cares if you're nice?
Nice guys pay the price
Life lambasts them
While jerks cruise past them
Right to the head of the class
Because nice guys finish last!

Keep Your Sunny Side Up



So keep your chin in the air
A spring in your step
Keep a-walkin' with flair
Chock full o' pep
Despite all the odds
Just pump up those clogs
Keep your sunny side up!


Greet the world with a grin!


Keep the blues in a jar!


Keep your sunny side up!


You're gonna go far!


Who cares if your day
is foggy and gray?
Keep your sunny side — keep your funny side


Keep your sunny side up!
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