Eugene Goes Bad is an episode of Hey Arnold!.


Eugene finds out that his TV hero, The Abdicator, is just an overpaid, whiny Hollywood star who doesn't do his own stunts, and without a role model, Eugene decides to go bad.



The Abdicator Rescues Eugene and Little Kid Hey Arnold ! The Splat01:49

The Abdicator Rescues Eugene and Little Kid Hey Arnold ! The Splat


  • The Abdicator appears to be based on the actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. The on-screen one-liners appears to be similar to ones given in Total Recall and The Terminator. Schwarzenegger also saves a child from falling in Kindergarten Cop (along with that Eugene's voice actor at the time Ben Diskin, had a minor role in the movie).
  • The Little Kid who looks up to Eugene says that he has to be in bed by 8:30, right after viewing his favorite show "Yo Earnest", which is a reference to Hey Arnold!.
  • When Eugene pulls the fire alarm, Principal Wartz silences the alarm by pushing the lever on the fire alarm pull station back up. In real life, you need to insert a special key into the pull station to reset the lever, then silence and reset the fire alarm system via the main control panel (often located in a school's office or an electrical closet.)
  • The opening of the track Eugene Paints It Black sounds similar to the opening to Black Sabbath's song Iron Man" and the title of the song is a reference to The Rolling Stones song "Paint it Black". The track itself later plays in Big Gino.

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