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Episode of Hey Arnold!
Eugene Goes Bad
Eugene Goes Bad
Season 2, Episode 39a
Air date: January 4, 1998
Don Del Grande's

Eugene Goes Bad is an episode in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.


Eugene finds out that his TV hero, The Abdicator, is just an overpaid, whiny Hollywood star who doesn't do his own stunts, and without a role model, Eugene decides to go bad.


  • The Abdicator appears to be based on the actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. The on-screen one-liners appears to be similar to ones given in Total Recall and The Terminator. Schwarzenegger also saves a child from falling in Kindergarten Cop.
  • In the episode, there was a kid that looked up to Eugene before he went bad, and went bad as well due to not having a role model. It is very likely that the kid was played by someone who won a guest role on the show, because he mentioned he had to be in bed after watching his favorite show, Yo Earnest! (inside joke to Hey Arnold!).
  • Eugene's follower kid is played by Jeremy Lelliott, credited in this episode as Jeramy Lelliott.

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