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Character on Hey Arnold!
Eugene Horowitz
Occupation4th Grade Student
BirthdayFriday the 13th
FamilyFather Nate Horowitz
Mother Mrs. Horowitz
Best friendsSheena
RelationshipsSheena (possibly)
Voiced byChristopher J. Castile
Jarrett Lennon
Ben Diskin
Blake McIver Ewing
Gavin Lewis

Eugene Horowitz is a fictional character in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.


Eugene, Eugene!

Eugene performs on stage in the episode "Eugene, Eugene!"

A somewhat socially inept but optimistic boy, Eugene is the class Jinx despite his name meaning "born lucky".

He is prone to several forms of misfortune and is often bullied by his fellow students. Since Arnold has inadvertently added to Eugene's misfortune several times (killing his fish, destroying his bike, ruining his birthday, etc...) this had once caused Eugene to conclude that Arnold is a jinx, as every major misfortune Eugene had involved him. However in the episode "Mugged", Arnold rescued Eugene from street robbers who were trying to eat his mallomars and macaroons without permission.

But many misfortunes in Eugene's life alluded to (but not seen on the show) were not involved with Arnold; nor were the many minor accidents (crashing his bike, falling down, etc.) that he experiences every time he appears. The possible reason for his bad luck is that he was born on Friday the 13th (revealed in "Friday the 13th"). Accident-prone Eugene is the subject of most of the scrapes, bruises, and general misfortune in the series.

Eugene's Pet

Eugene's fish is killed in the episode "Eugene's Pet"



Eugene seems to hang around Sheena a lot, although he considers themselves just good friends. He pretty much freaks out when Rhonda tells Sheena they'll be married someday in the episode "Married". According to Craig Bartlett, Eugene is "kind of 'proto-gay,' so he's uncomfortable getting together with any girl."

Voice Actors

Eugene is one of the characters in the Hey Arnold! TV series to have different voice actors. They include:

Appears in



  • Eugene is allergic to cats ("Eugene's Pet").
  • Eugene is known throughout the school for his bad luck.
  • Eugene has a peculiar fondness for strained beets. ("Coach Wittenberg")
  • Eugene reveals himself to be an Eagle Scout, even though in real life you have to be at least 11 years old to be one ("False Alarm").
  • Eugene appears to enjoy synchronized swimming, as shown in "Synchonized Swimming".
  • Some of the accidents and misfortunes inflicted on Eugene occured while he was riding his bike.
  • Craig Bartlett confirmed in an interview that Eugene is Jewish, although his ethnicity and religion are never revealed on the show. Strangely, he is nowhere to be seen in "Harold's Bar Mitzvah."
  • His catchphrase is "I'm okay", although in earlier episodes, it was "I'm fine."
  • In earlier episodes his hair was more brown in color, but by Season 2 his hair color has changed to orange-brown.

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