False Alarm is an episode of Hey Arnold!.


Eugene is suspected and accused of pulling the fire alarm, and it's up to a student jury to vote on the verdict, but Arnold's the only one who believes Eugene's totally innocent.



  • We learn that Eugene's last name is Horowitz and Stinky's last name is Peterson.
    • We also learn that Eugene was banned from Wanky-Land the preceding Fall before the episode aired because of a Thanksgiving Day parade accident he caused.
  • Principal Wartz is credited as "The Judge".
  • There's a Yahoo Soda machine in the cafeteria.
  • Helga states that she can help Harold, who is choking on banana, because she is a certified CPU. This stands for Central Processing Unit. Presumably, she meant CPR, which stands for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, though even this does not make sense.
  • In a later episode, "Eugene Goes Bad," Eugene does actually pull the fire alarm.
  • We learn that Eugene wears eyeglasses, although not regularly. His father, Nate, also wears eyeglasses.
  • When the fire alarm goes off at P.S. 118, it's the same bell used as the school bell. While bells were indeed often used as fire alarms back in the past (as P.S. 118 was built in 1932), usually in schools the fire alarm bells would be different from the school bells (usually with larger and louder gongs, sometimes in a certain coding pattern instead of ringing continuously), to sound distinctive from each other. Bells are rarely used as fire alarms in modern days, many having been replaced with modern horn/strobe units or voice-evacuation systems.
  • The fire department does not arrive at P.S. 118 due to the false fire alarm. It's likely P.S. 118's fire alarm system is so old it isn't tied into a central alarm station that would contact the fire department.
  • This episode is a spoof of the movie 12 Angry Men.
    • Arnold plays a similar role to that of Juror No. 8, who decides to challenge the verdict.
    • Helga has tickets to a sporting event like Juror No. 7. In the original film, it was a baseball game, in this episode, it is a wrestling match.
    • Arnold's reveal of the pencil is similar to Juror No. 8's reveal of the so-called "one-of-a-kind" knife.
  • In a clever bit of foreshadowing, in the opening shot of Harold's flashback, you can see Curly smiling sinisterly between the lockers and the firehose.


  • Nadine's hair is brown throughout this episode.
  • When Ruth is first shown when the trial begins, she's wearing a red top and a blue skirt, but suddenly she's wearing her usual clothes again.
  • When Helga pulls Harold's vote out of the hat, there are four slips remaining in the hat, but only Arnold's vote is remaining.
  • Eugene was wearing no socks in Gerald's version.
  • If Eugene was going to be expelled for pulling the alarm, as Judge Wartz indicated, then why wasn't Curly after admitting to not only pulling the alarm, but framing Eugene for the crime? Still, it is possible Curly was to receive some type of punishment, since we see Principal Wartz escorting him away by his arm.
    • While pulling the fire alarm on purpose is obviously a bad thing to do, getting expelled for it seems to be an overly harsh punishment for something like that.
  • Helga reads the candy wrapper that Harold wrote on as "Fudgy Nut Nut Bar", but it really just says "Fudgy Nut Bar".

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