The Federal Office of Information, alternatively referred to as the Government Building, is a prominent government building in Hillwood. Mr. Bailey works here as a department supervisor.

The building's entrance has a Latin motto: "Cave, Quivi Sumus". This directly translates into "Beware, Whoever We Are".

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  • Naming Error: In both "Arnold's Christmas" and Hey Arnold! The Movie, the building is referred to as "Federal Office of Information", but in "Save the Tree", it is depicted as being "City Hall", despite it clearly being the same structure in all three appearances. Also, in "Mr. Green Runs", when Arnold and Mr. Green attempt to appeal to Councilman Gladhand to fix the pothole on Vine Street, they visit a different building called "City Hall".
  • It's possible the Latin motto on the entrance is a mistake. "Cave, Quivi Sumus" translates into "Beware, Whoever We Are", but "Cave Quivi Estis" translates to "Beware, Whoever You Are". Given the context of the motto (it's on the entrance of a government building), the latter motto might fit better.