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Nothing like a field trip ha, Arnold?


Huh? Oh, are we in the Aquarium yet?


Not yet.
(Harold hits Eugene with a spitball)


Well, we better get there soon, everybody's getting kind of restless.




Look, I'm a whale. (drinks a sip of milk and spits it out through his nose)


Well, let me ask you something Grandma. How would you feel if you were living in the ocean and some scientists captured you and put you in a tank?

Arnold's Grandma

WHAT!? No sir! They'll never catch me! NEVER! (throws pillow, which breaks a glass object offscreen)


Calm down, Grandma! It's a hypothetical question.

Guard (taunting the animals at the aquarium)

Here, have a cookie. Ha-ha, you tossed your cookies!

Arnold's Grandma

Go! You're free, run like the wind!

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