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Game Show Host

And from PS. 118, meet Arnold and his family. Phil, Pookie, Ernie, and and Mr. Heeee-yun!

Mr. Hyunh

It's H-WIN!!


One more comment, Hyunh, and I'll give you a knuckle sandwich, with plenty of mustard!


I'll give you both a knuckle sandwich!


That's odd, I don't remember packing any sandwiches.


Oh, good one, Hyunh!

Mr. Hyunh

You push me!


Yeah! Well, Gramps stepped on my toe!


I did not! This is stepping on your toe! (steps on Ernie's foot)

Mr. Hyunh

Pluto, Pluto!


Not Pluto, Pluton! You idiot!


Huhhh... Huhh... Hi.

Contest Lady

And the winner is Arnold... there seems to be a smudge over the last name.


That must be you, Arnold, on the count that you're the only kid named Arnold in this whole danged school.


I've decided to pick Ernie and Mr. Hyunh to be on the team with me and Grandma and Grandpa.

Mr. Kokoshka

But what about me?!


Well, Mr. Kokoshka, you can come as an alternate.

Mr. Kokoshka

An alternate?! Oh, boo! I am leaving now!

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