Miss Suzie Had a Tugboat

Davy Jones

Miss Suzie had a tugboat
The tugboat had a bell
Miss Suzie went to heaven
The tugboat went to

Hello operator
Give me number nine
And if you disconnect me
I'll kick you in the

Behind the 'frigerator
There was a piece of glass
Miss Suzie fell upon it
And cut her little

Ask me no more questions
Tell me no more lies
The boys are in the bathroom
Zipping up their

Flies are in the meadow
The bees are in the park
The boys and girls are kissing
Way past after dark

Davy Jones' Back-up Singer

Well, they're walking and they're talking
In the highway after dark
There's no surprise there's lots of flies
And all the boys and girls are kissin' and they're kissin'

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