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hookuy, 19/10/2003 1:46 AM

Greetings. We want inform you we have done our firsts Hillwood town and P.S. 118 3D images. You can find these in this page: . Once you are there, you will must select your language and then you can go to Fan Art´s section. Last, go to Nicolás and Federico area. Also you can download the wallpapers (800x600 and 1024x768) in the Downloads section (Nicolás and Federico).
Finally, we would like know your opinion.
Wait for more images soon.
Thank you.
Federico and Nicolás Angelini
Montevideo - Uruguay

Cool, 19/10/2003 9:52 AM

Oooh! So you are the guys that did those pics! Yeah, I was gonna e-mail you about them, they are amazing. Please make more when you find time. And could I make a suggestion? Do some 3-D shots of Arnold's room, that would be way cool!

hookuy, 21/10/2003 1:00 AM

Hi. Thank you for write us and for give us your opinion. We are glad to know that you like it, and, of course, any suggestion will be welcome.
Also we comment you that we are actually working in new images. It will be a surprise, and we hope that you like these too, though we just have started to build it, so it will take a time to complete it.
Last, do you know how is going the campaign for save "Hey Arnold!"? We are still writing letter and we have planned to continue do this. However, we would like know the news.
We must continuing fighting for "Hey Arnold!".
Thank a lot again.
Federico and Nicolás Angelini
Montevideo - Uruguay

update on the pic gallery....


Cool, 25/10/2003 8:39 PM

On October 25th I got more work done on the gallery, but it just keeps getting bigger, and I have to keeping making new categories cause there's so many different kinds of pictures. Today I found a German and Spanish HA! site with new media that I dont have.
FYI: If you ever want to fond new, cool pictures of your fav cartoon, check out sites in other countries like Japan, Austrilia, the UK, France, Mexico, etc. Cause all countries have different promo pics that other countries dont.
The screens vault is DONE. I will upload it in time. I over all just want to let yall know that I AM working my ass off so this site will be your #1 source to get HA! visual media. I predict it will be Spring 2004 before its done, but I'm not promising anything.
As for Craig's new cartoon "Party Wagon" (which is not a series yet, its a mini-movie) will premiere February 2004. Earlier reports stated November 2003, but it aint happenin'. I also have a pic from the show.
later dayz, happy halloed-ween.

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