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tronkan, 13/06/2004 6:23 PM

Last hir in mexico has left a commercial one where it appears... this HELGA..
And I resort to those who has contact whit CRAIG B. so that they ask to him if it is or not to the PATAKIS  SHOW...?!!!

tronkan, 13/06/2004 6:42 PM

this picture

BSilb1, 13/06/2004 11:21 PM

That's a very cute drawing, but in my opinion, she MUST have the bow. It's so cute, and she's not the same without it.

Kagomesashi, 13/06/2004 11:25 PM

Hola Beto! te refieres a la propaganda de bob esponja?

iluvarnld, 14/06/2004 7:22 PM

i agree. she looks better without her bow

iluvarnld, 14/06/2004 7:22 PM

i mean with

Manolo, 15/06/2004 1:43 AM

Hi, I already have seen this character in a spot of "spongebob squarepants" here in México, and the bow is something we all identify in Helga, but Craig has said in a chat that "Helga still has the bow, only is hidden by his cap", so, technically, the bow "is there", only hidden.
I wonder if this Helga is animated from some pilot Craig did about "The Patakis"?

helgarox, 18/06/2004 12:56 AM

gee, i never realised till now just how much the bow adds to helga's character, she looks way older without it...and way less good

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