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DarthRoden, 19/09/2004 4:58 PM

Greetings Hey Arnold Fanatics!
Mokichan, hon you are absolutely right!
I could actually see the senario that you concieved of come to be!
You are also right when it came to the sequel (if you can call it that) of Secret of was nothing at all like the original, which I have in my DVD collection close by Hey Arnold! The Movie. Its one of my all time favoriates, next to "An American Tail" (the sequels to that great cartoon also sucked) Don Bluth is an awesome animator, next to Craig Bartlett, Charles Schultz, and the great Matt Goening himself!
What, other than Hey Arnold! The Movie is your favoriate animated movie to date?
May The Force Be With You! ~Your Pal, DarthRoden (aka. Carl)

Demile_Pythia_Ashford, 13/11/2004 4:44 AM

Ugh, the American Tail sequels were awful... or at least the last two sequels were... But I rather enjoyed "Goes West"...specifically I enjoyed Tanya's song "Dreams To Dream" and Cat R. Waul (a great character... and John Cleese's voice acting is amazing, so perfect.)

It was such a shame that the sequel to Secret Of Nymn had to turn out like it did... It was just bad, as to where Secret of Nymn was a wonderful, magical, masterpiece that was just as good, if not better, than the book.

Don Bluth is amazing, I have enjoyed nearly everything he has been a part of be it directing, producing or writing.

"Secret of Nymn", "An American Tail" "All Dogs Go To Heaven" and "The Land Before Time" are all absolutely delightful. (The first "Land Before Time" is the ONLY one. The 8 million sequels do not exist!!!!!!!!)

Oh and how can I forget "Titan A.E." He was the producer. I thought that movie was fantastic (unlike alot of other people.)

Oh my. It's only 1:40AM and I have already ran out of things to do... Okay, well I guess I am off to bed... or maybe I'll watch a movie like "A Clockwork Orange" then some cartoons (Wow, thats an interesting combination, lol)



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