Friday the 13th is an episode in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.


It's Friday the 13th and everyone is worried and talking about superstitions. Well, everybody except for Arnold, who doesn't believe in silly superstitions. So when Wolfgang bets Arnold that he can't do a few superstitions without chickening out. Arnold is up for the challenge. Gerald however, is hesitant at first and is hoping that his lucky rabbit foot will help him out.

Wolfgang has Arnold and Gerald break a mirror, open umbrellas inside, cross paths with a black cat and much more. After they complete them all it's only a matter of time until their "bad luck" begins with Gerald stepping in some purple gum.  But when Stinky says that Arnold and Gerald are both "cursed condemned and blighted" Arnold still doesn't believe in superstitions. After Stinky leaves Arnold and Gerald both open their lockers, only for all of their things to fall on them.

It's one bad happening after another as their desks fall apart, paint spills on them , their bikes have flat tires and they get fish heads dumped on them. The boys finally go to Madame Blanches for a bad luck removal kit, only for Wolfgang and Edmund to switch out their cream with honey barbecue sauce. Arnold and Gerald put on their garlic necklaces and the cream while saying the "bad luck removal chant", but just then a huge swarm of bees starts chasing after them. They run away and fall right into the fountain, washing off their cream.  

The boys then notice purple gum on Gerald's necklace "Are you thinkin' what I'm thinkin?". They go to Wolfgang's house and confront him and tell him that they know that he was behind it all. Arnold tells Wolfgang that he really shouldn't treat people the way he treats them, pointing out that it's going to catch him sooner or later. They get 13 of Grandma's black cats and get them to come after Wolfgang. He get's freaked out, especially after Gerald dumps fish heads on him, and he runs inside.

Arnold and Gerald wish each other a "Happy Friday the 13th." They each pick up one of Grandma's black cats and go look up what "blighted" means."



  • In the sense that Stinky was using "blighted," the word means "to destroy; ruin; frustrate."
  • Wolfgang has an Auto Shop textbook in his locker.
  • The paper towel holder in the bathroom has "HB" carved into it. A possible reference to Harold.
  • When Arnold opens his locker, one of the things that falls out is a paper titled "My Summer Vacation" that got an A+.
  • On a previous Friday the 13th, Phil paid a medical student $50 to remove his spleen.
  • The title is a reference of the 1980 film Friday the 13th.
  • Eugene reveals that he was born on Friday the 13th, but it appears his birthday did not take place during the episode.
    • This may however be that his birthday simply takes place in another month.
  • A Mr. Hyunh Goes Country poster is seen while Arnold and Gerald pass a woman with barbecue sauce on their face instead of cream.


Friday the 13th Hey Arnold! The Splat01:29

Friday the 13th Hey Arnold! The Splat


  • The paint that spilled on Arnold and Gerald didn't stain their clothes.
  • The lockers at P.S. 118 have combination locks and key locks - but the key locks disappear when Arnold and Gerald open their lockers.

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