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Episode of Hey Arnold!
Gerald's Game
Gerald's Game
Season 5, Episode 82a
Written by: Joseph Purdy
Air date: April 27, 2002
Don Del Grande's

Gerald's Game is an episode in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.


Gerald gets swept away in a roleplaying card game, and it's up to Arnold to bring him back to reality.



  • Gerald's Game is also the name of a novel authored by Stephen King.
  • Some of the noises from the arcade games are taken from the Atari 2600 version of Pac-Man which is considered one of the worst video game ports of all time.
  • Lamoreaux's Bookstore is a reference to Michelle Lamoreaux, one of the show's regular writers.
  • Some of the books in the bookstore are called Kings Queens and You; Chivalry is Not Dead; Frog Prince and Dragons Bite Hard.
  • Part of Big Gino's costume includes a stick horse. The head is part of the rocking horse Sid bought and Gino later used to threaten him in the episode "Big Gino."
  • Unlike Magic: the Gathering, Pokemon or most other card games, The King Rules doesn't seem to be a "collectible card game" where players have to buy more and more cards in order to get the good ones. All of the cards seem to be in every deck.
  • The "dungeon pawn" is Steve who was the kid who stole Arnold's kite in "The List".

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