Gerald's Secret is an episode of Hey Arnold!.


Gerald confesses to Arnold that he never learned how to ride a bike, and Arnold has to train him before he competes in the Bike-a-thon. The other kids tease him about it, but Gerald eventually proves them wrong.



  • Helga wears her hair ribbon over her helmet.
  • The Johanssens once lived in an apartment on Hillcrest Street.
  • Martin tried, but failed, to teach Gerald how to ride a bike.
  • A little girl with a tricycle lives next to Arnold’s boarding house.
  • According to the Bikeathon announcer, this is the third time the Bikeathon has taken place.
  • Coincidentally, as Harold wrecks and cries "Mommy!" he lands in a store called Baby Town.
  • At one time, Helga used to believe in world peace.
  • Helga is the only kid who rides a bicycle without fastening the strap on their helmet.
  • Gerald riding at night without lights is not only dangerous, but it's also illegal.


  • During the scene after Arnold says "We've got to work on your speed", Gerald momentarily moves forward on this bike for a few frames, then snaps back and moves forward again.
  • The announcer says the bikeathon begins "at the gun", but then somebody sounds an air horn to start the race.
  • During the race, Harold's tires are shown shifting from flat to full, before the bike wrecks.

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