Gerald Comes Over is an episode of Hey Arnold!.


When Arnold spends the night at Gerald's again Gerald notices, that Arnold has slept over at his house many times but Gerald never got to spent a night in the boarding house. When he asks Arnold about it his friend avoids him by pretending to be too tired to talk. Gerald keeps talking and eventually Arnold gives in: Gerald may spend the night over at his house at the next weekend.

Before both of them enter the boarding house, Arnold warns Gerald that he might see some things in there that could scare him, but Gerald insists that it can't be worse than his own family. At first they meet Grandma in the kitchen. "Buana", equipped with a fly swatter and a sun helmet, is apparently hunting her prey, namely a fly. Gerald seems to be slightly confused already when they see Grandpa drying his hands with a cat. Grandpa reminds Arnold that he has to collect the rent as it's the first of the month.

So Arnold and Gerald visit Mr. Purdy who appears to have chickens in his apartment although this is not allowed in the boarding house. When Arnold asks him about the rent Mr. Purdy tells him to come back the next day because he doesn't have the money right now.

After that the boys visit Ernie who is working for a demolishing company and collects the foundation stones of houses he has torn down. Arnold wants to get the rent but Ernie is reminiscing. He seems to like Gerald and recommends him to join the destruction profession but when he starts to swing his hammer, Arnold and Gerald get scared and flee.

The next one is Mr. Smith, the mysterious boarder living in Room #16. The only thing they find in his safe is an IOU note.

So they go to Mr. Hyunh. He is willing to pay the rent but only if Arnold repairs some things in his apartment first. So Arnold and Gerald cope with the blocked drain, they re-tile the linoleum in his kitchen (16 times!) and repaper his living room. As reward for their hard work both get 10 cents each. As for the rent, Mr. Hyunh says he will have it the next day.

The last boarders from which to collect the rent are the Kokoshkas, who are arguing again. Suzie is throwing dishes and Arnold tries to catch them. When the other boarders come to join the arguing, Arnold runs into the kitchen to chime the gong for dinner. Immediately everyone is friends with each other again.

When the boys finally go to bed Gerald says how much he likes Arnold's house. Arnold agrees and they sleep well.


  • This is the first episode where we learn Gerald has an older brother, Jamie O, and a younger sister, Timberly.
  • This episode is "dated", sort of; when Grandpa reminds Arnold to collect the rent from the boarders, he says it's the "first day of the month". Additionally, when Arnold and Gerald are re-tiling Mr. Hyunh's kitchen, there is a calendar that says "May". Therefore, one can assume that the episode takes place on May 1st.  However, it is also likely that the episode takes place on June 1st, assuming Mr. Hyunh had yet to change his calendar.
  • Mr. Purdy, although uncredited, was voiced by writer/story editor Joseph Purdy.
  • In the exterior shot of the boarding house, Suzie's dialogue comes from the episode "Arnold as Cupid", and Ernie's dialogue as well as Grandpa's off-key rendition of "My Darling Clementine" from the episode "Door #16".
  • Just before Arnold and Gerald collect the Kokoshkas' rent, you can hear Oskar and Suzie arguging through their closed door.  Although it is not extremely clear, if one listens closely, you can hear Oskar saying, in an effort to conjure an excuse for not doing a task, that his left foot hurts because it was run over by a tank when he was running from "the army".
  • During her argument with Oskar, Suzie claims that she could have married an orthodontist named Joey Stevens on the advice of her mother.
  • Before Gerald spits milk out of his nose, Timberly sings "Wally Loves You" a show which is later shown in "Ransom".
  • The audio of Pookie saying "Kill the umpire!" is reused from "The Baseball".
  • Timberly calls herself "the Pink Ranger", a reference to the character of Kimberly the Pink ranger from the TV series Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.
  • Arnold tells Gerald before walking into the boarding house that "the things you see may confuse or even frighten you" and "you've been warned", an almost word-for-word parody of the opening of the 1931 James Whale film adaptation of Frankenstein.


  • In the episode "Arnold as Cupid", Mr. Hyunh is in Room 3, but in this episode he is in Room 21. Also, Mr. Smith is in Room 6, not 16 as shown in the episode "Door #16".
  • Arnold and Gerald have to climb stairs to get to Oskar's room but this would mean the building has three floors, and the outside views indicate that there are only two, plus the attic.
  • During their argument, Suzie reminds Oskar that he hasn't worked in 3 years. However, in the episode "Oskar Gets a Job", it's revealed that Oskar never held a job before.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Arnold says that Timberly is four years old, but in the episode "Timberly Loves Arnold", Gerald tells her to "go back to first grade", implying she's six or seven years old.

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