The Vacant Lot, also known as Gerald Field, is a multi-purpose sports area mainly used by the kids in the neighborhood. It is located on Vine Street and is only a couple of blocks away from Quigley Stadium.

It was first introduced in the episode "The Vacant Lot".


The vacant lot was originally an abandoned lot with weeds growing and trash piling up. It belonged to Ludwig before he went to juvenile hall for a couple of years. It was then discovered by Arnold and Gerald who at the time wanted a place to play baseball due to the impracticability of playing in the streets.

Along with the rest of the kids in the neighborhood, they both cleaned up the lot so it would be a suitable location for them to play baseball.

It was used mainly by the 4th graders but is also known to have been used by the 5th graders and the adults.

The scoreboard is dated July 25, 1997, possibly meaning that the lot was named Gerald Field on that day.

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