Gerald Moves Out is an episode of Hey Arnold!.


Gerald gets tired of his brother's wrestling moves, his sister ruining his stuff, his father always complaining about the electricity bill, and his mother always telling him what to do, so he rents a room at the Sunset Arms.



  • In Gerald's daydream, when he gets out of the elevator, there's a portrait of Phoebe in his apartment.
  • The rules of the Sunset Arms Laundry Room:
    • 1. Use quarters only - no slugs!
    • 2. Fold socks - garters first
    • 3. Clean lint trap at end of every cycle
    • 4. Wash sheets on Monday only! Go next door otherwise
    • 5. Riding in clothes dryer is forbidden without adult
    • 6. Modern music is not allowed on Thursdays and Saturdays
    • 7. Do not wash fuzzy slippers
    • 8. No standing around in your birthday suit in order to wash everything
    • 9. Smoking permitted inside washer on rinse cycle
  • Gerald's closet has multiple "33" shirts.
  • Gerald is seen kicking a parody Coca-Cola can before he sees his dad and decides to come home.


  • The phone Gerald's mother uses has the "0" button on the left side of the bottom row instead of in the middle of the bottom row.
  • Grandpa's rotary phone only has holes for eight numbers.
  • Gerald is in Room 5, but that's Oskar's room in the episode "Arnold As Cupid".
  • Jamie O's green shirt was black at the ending when they all hug.

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