(Upset over washing Gerald's clothes)

Mr Hyunh

This lint is your lint.
(in high pitch voice)
I'm not your Mother!


Okay, I’m sorry. (Gerald leaves the room)

Mr. Hyunh (To Arnold)

I am not his mother!


I'm sorry Arnold. But there's no lifestyle. It's not what I thought it'd be. I need a ticket to use the bathroom, I can't eat your grandma's cooking; "No Offense". I even have to do my own laundry. Look at me, I look like an extra in a hippie movie.


I'm such a wily old coot.

Martin (mad about Gerald moving out)

No 9-year old is renting a room in a boarding house. Where's my coat?

Mr. Hyunh

The rules says all attendants must clean out the lint filter.

Ernie Potts

And I'm telling you, that filter was clean as a whistle, when I was through.

Mr. Hyunh

Then why did I find all of this? This lint. YOUR LINT!


If I drop off my laundry now, how soon will I get it back?

Ernie Potts

That depends.


Depends on what?

Ernie Potts

How long it takes you to do it!

Gerald (sad like)

You mean, I have to do my own laundry?

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