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Episode of Hey Arnold!
Gerald vs. Jamie O
Gerald vs. Jamie O
Season 5, Episode 88b
Written by: Michelle Lamoreaux
Air date: November 11, 2003
IMDb •
Don Del Grande's

Gerald vs. Jamie O is an episode in the Hey Arnold! TV Series.


Gerald and Arnold are walking to Gerald's house to see Gerald's new bike, but Jamie O has his bike. They're heading to Gerald's room, but Jamie O steals his room. Gerald says his new Pop Daddy T-shirt has come in, but Jamie O steals it. Gerald's tired of Jamie O bullying him and stealing his stuff.

Gerald wishes he had something that Jamie O couldn't take from him. Suddenly, he meets a girl named Chloe and falls in love with her. She asks if she can borrow a cup of sugar. Gerald likes her, even though she looks about 13. Gerald invites her over to his house, but she starts to fall for Jamie O. During one evening, Chloe tells Jamie O that she likes him. Jamie O says that he is not interested, but Chloe replies that she doesn't give up easily.

Jamie O tells Gerald that Chloe is only spending time with him so that she can get close to Jamie O, but Gerald doesn't believe it thinking that Jamie O just wants to take Chloe away from him like all of his other stuff. Chloe continues to visit Gerald and sneaks away to see Jamie O whenever Gerald has to leave the room. Gerald ends up walking in on Jamie O and Chloe numerous times and always suspects the worse despite not realizing what actually happened. After seeing Jamie O pick up Chloe and subsequently drop her on the ground, Gerald tries to fight Jamie O which Jamie O tries to convince him is stupid. After ripping Jamie O's shirt, Jamie O starts to fight seriously and Chloe breaks up the fight. Chloe confirms that she was just seeing Gerald so that she could spend time with Jamie O. Gerald gets depressed by the truth and runs into his room. Jamie O then goes to Gerald. He gives back Gerald's Pop Daddy T-shirt and lets him keep it, promising he'll be a better brother. In the afternoon, Gerald and Arnold are having some pie but Jamie O then grabs Gerald's pie, prompting Gerald to chase him.



  • Jazz Raycole guest stars as Chloe.
  • The midget clowns and the two-headed sideshow made a cameo on a TV show on Gerald's television. They were first seen in Buses, Bikes, and Subways after Harold and Helga stolen their bike.

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